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Safe Dees is a singer and songwriter from Darłowo, she currently lives and creates in Germany. Her name is Sabina Klevenhaus.From an early age, Safe Dees has been interested in music. As a child, she proved to be musically gifted and tried to play various instruments. In Poland, she hosted several musical events and worked at the Radio for a few years. When she moved to Germany, she started writing her own lyrics and with the help of record producers created her first songs. Her compositions ranked high in the charts and received positive feedback from listeners. The songs were also warmly welcomed in France and are regularly broadcast by a few radio stations there. Safe Dees gave a concert in Annecy which triggered a very good response from the French audience. Currently, the singer is working with Roberto Bedross, whose records are well-known around the world. Safe Dees is open to cooperate with other artists. So far, she recorded two songs with STinKO, a rapper. The artist has also expierence with the camera. She played

in many different TV - Productions. For example: ,,Auf Streife,, , ,,Die Spezialisten,, und ,,Familien im Brennpunkt,,

Music created by Safe Dees belongs mainly to pop in the broad sense, from ballads to modern trends. Her songs are characterized by a unique, pleasant voice and catchiness. Safe Dees is also the co-founder of The Roofs, a band in which she is the singer. She likes to perform on stage and has experience which allows her to hit it off with the audience. As she says: „Music is about feelings, let these feelings flow as far and as deep as they can thanks to music...”

,, Let The Music Connect Us ,, - Safe Dees

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