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„Losers and Winners” is the first single of Safe Dees which was released in a few versions. The song is the result of the singer's cooperation with Roberto Bedross, a record producer. The record contains the original single as well as a ballad, a dance version, a version with a stronger beat and an instrumental version. This idea was developed with listeners' varied tastes in mind. There is something for everyone on the record and you can choose from the light atmosphere of pop, romantic sounds and energetic rhythms. The single is perfect for any time of day and night.



You organize various events and you are looking for a front woman? I can perform during your Event.

Maybe you have prepared a piece of work and need a vocal? I will gladly help you. I am also offering professional mix and mastering made be experienced music producers.


   For any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I am ready to cooperate.

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